Sailing Lessons and Workshops For Seniors in New Zealand

Are you searching for an activity to keep the whole family busy during vacation or free time? Consider learning sailing! Classes can be found all across harbors and small lakes and lessons are typically taught using keelboats.

This course involves four weeks of sailing on a purpose-built training boat. Participants will acquire various sailing skills including crew roles and harbor navigation.


Sailing lessons offer unique experiences that will enrich both your understanding of the environment and develop skills you can take with you throughout life. Sailing also teaches us to adapt quickly in challenging circumstances while strengthening judgment.

Lessons for seniors are offered by various companies and range in cost depending on the school and course type. Lessons held during the week usually cost less per hour than weekend lessons, or you could split tuition costs with friends to save even more money.

Beginners can learn the ropes on keelboats specially designed for safe, hands-on instruction. Students will practice basic safety skills, learn lingo and gain hands-on experience tacking and gybing with groups of two to four students, working toward their Yachting New Zealand Level 1 Keelboat certificate. Beyond learning the basics, advanced sailors will have an opportunity to participate in destination sails that offer navigation practice as well as knot tying instruction, on-water advancement qualification tests for Old Mate status testing preparation – crew double-handed sailboats as well as beginning racing techniques on double dinghys.


Are You Wanting to Discover New Areas through Sailing Courses? Sailing courses offer an excellent way to experience local culture while experiencing coastal scenery, venturing into rainforests or exploring volcanic islands. Furthermore, sailing will add a sense of adventure while challenging your skills!

Sailing on a large ocean like the Pacific can be unpredictable, particularly if you’re venturing into unfamiliar regions. Weather patterns can change suddenly and it is essential to plan ahead – you should determine how long it will take you to get your destination as well as ensure you have enough supplies for an extended period of calm sailing conditions.

As part of your preparations, it is essential that you select clothing which will keep you warm and comfortable regardless of weather conditions. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to use a personal flotation device (PFD), such as a life jacket, for your own safety in case an accident should arise during the journey.

As well, the RYA Competent Crew workshop provides two day practical courses designed for beginner sailors, which cover how to helm under sail and motor, seamanship, helmsmenship and personal safety in sufficient depth that you will become an effective member of a cruising yacht’s crew. It even includes a two hour night sail!


The Russell Coutts Sailing Foundation was created to encourage more young people into sailing. Their aim is to hone participants’ water skills and confidence through non-competitive fun events on the water as well as social activities for sailors and their families.

The Foundation has joined forces with Point Chevalier Sailing Club to deliver Learn to Sail (LTS) classes for school age children at local primary and secondary schools. Beginner classes adhere to Yachting New Zealand’s Learn to Sail guidelines up to LTS 1 level.

Students hone their on-water skills aboard KHS’ fleet of 30 boats ranging from single training dinghies to keelboats. Additionally, they crew for local skippers on 30-foot keel boats in club races as they gain experience offshore and coastal cruising. Students attend class each day where they learn navigation, racing tactics and rope work.

PFD (personal flotation device, or lifejacket) or lifejacket rentals from our club are mandatory for participants onboard any of our vessels, which you can rent for a nominal fee. Weather-resistant clothing should also be worn to shield from sun and wind exposure; you can find more about what attire to wear when sailing here on our blog post on sailing attire – water-friendly jacket and pants, along with a hat, are ideal. Remember to always apply sunscreen when outside in the sun.


Students on these tours will not only spend time on the water but will also explore coastal hills and learn about New Zealand’s natural history. Depending on their course’s location, students may visit sites significant to Maori culture or those used by early European explorers like Captain Cook.

At Waitemata Harbour in Auckland, the yachting center is just minutes from downtown, making it convenient for students to experience city sights and attractions such as Auckland Domain Wintergardens, the New Zealand Maritime Museum, Sky Tower and nearby restaurants and pubs – not forgetting day trips such as Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary or Australia Zoo!

The yachting program places great emphasis on developing youth sailors and providing them with opportunities to participate in competitive sailing. To support this initiative, The Russell Coutts Foundation has donated funding for junior sailors’ boats.

Kerikeri High School Sailing Academy boasts a fleet of 30 boats ranging from single training dinghies to small keelboats. Students are taught by tutors with extensive sailing experience across a range of classes and regattas; close ties have also been formed between this academy and local Cruising Club races where many of its students crew on 30 foot keelboats to gain more experience on larger vessels.